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Allscilator Eurorack 8 Waveform VCO


'ALL' the oscillator waveforms in 10 HP - No ordinary 3340 VCO!


Extremely stable across all temperatures, wide-ranging (0.0011Hz – 20kHz), all analogue triangle core VCO / LFO / Ultra-LFO based on 3340 VCO IC, which utilises the full potential of the 3340’s capabilities and adds additional wave-shaped outputs.


Many believe this chip to be the greatest-sounding analogue oscillator of all time.

Eight simultaneously available waveforms:

  • Square Sine

  • Sine

  • Tri

  • Pulse (PWM)

  • Sharktooth

  • Saw

  • PWM Saw

  • Sub (-1 Octave, -2 Octave and -2* Octave Pulse)

Sub octave is square/pulse selectable via a switch: -1 Octave, -2 Octave and -2* Octave Pulse (25% high, 75% low duty cycle)

1V/oct control extends over +10 octaves. Further frequency modulation is possible through independent Exponential Frequency Modulation and Linear Frequency Modulation. Each FM input has an attenuator for controlling the range of the modulation.

Three types of independent oscillator sync are available for locking the pitch to another master oscillator and creating new harmonically rich waveform shapes at the outputs. 

  • Positive edge Hard Sync

  • Negative edge Hard Sync

  • Soft sync (from a negative edge)

The oscillator range can be switched between Audio frequency, LFO frequency and Ultra LFO. 

  • Audio - 23Hz to +20kHz

  • LFO - 0.67Hz (1.5 seconds) - 45Hz

  • Ultra LFO - 15mins to 12 seconds


The LFOs can be pushed up into the Audio range by using 1V/oct and FM inputs.


  • 1V/oct tracking over +10 octaves 

  • Eight simultaneously available waveforms

  • Unique PWM Saw

  • Sub Pulse waveform (-1 octave, -2 octave, -2* octave)

  • Audio / LFO / Ultra LFO modes (up to 15 mins)

  • Exponential Frequency Modulation

  • Linear Frequency Modulation

  • Exp FM and Lin FM simultaneously available

  • Positive edge Hard Sync

  • Negative edge Hard Sync

  • Soft Sync

  • 3 Sync types simultaneously available

  • Coarse Knob sweeps 5 octaves in Audio mode

  • Fine Knob sweeps -+5 semitones in Audio mode

  • Extremely stable across all temperatures


  • 10HP

  • 40mm depth

  • Reverse polarity protected

  • +12V 135mA

  • -12V 120mA


Allscillator Manual

Allscillator DIY Build Guide

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