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CanCan Eurorack Dual Headphone Preamp


Double the Cans, Double the Possibilities – CanCan Delivers Two Premium Headphone Preamps in a Compact 4HP Module!

Crafted without compromise, CanCan is a dual-channel headphone amplifier that raises Eurorack monitoring to studio-quality standards. Utilising high-current parallel op-amps in its power output stage, it effectively drives headphones across a wide impedance range, from 16 to 600 ohms. This precision-engineered design guarantees high-fidelity audio with exceptional clarity for headphones of all types and impedances.


CanCan supports two sets of headphones, each with independent volume controls, ideal for both solo explorations and collaborative sessions. Each channel features a low-noise Baxandall active volume control, ensuring perfect L/R balance and stereo imaging. Contained within a streamlined 4HP module, CanCan also includes two 8-segment LED program meters that can display the peak or average levels of your input signal, enhancing your audio monitoring experience.


Meticulously designed, CanCan enhances your headphone listening session, ensuring an authentic and pure representation of your audio.


  • Low Output Impedance (0.5 Ohm): Ensures a high damping factor for precise control and exceptional low-frequency response

  • Universal Headphone Compatibility: Supports a broad impedance range of 16 to 600 Ohms

  • Multi-Stage Low Noise Design: Guarantees low distortion and high stability for true-to-source audio reproduction

  • High Output Current (Up to 140mA) - For driving power-intensive headphones up to 600 Ohms with ease

  • Visual Feedback: Dual 8-segment LED program level meters for monitoring input signal levels

  • Output Flexibility: Possible to use one output for driving monitors (using a Y splitter)

  • Full-Spectrum Audio Fidelity: Offers a 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth, perfect for all audio experiences

  • Protection Features: Includes comprehensive RF and DC input protection with resettable fuses for short-circuit output safety


  • 4HP

  • 46mm depth

  • Reverse polarity protected

  • +12V 150mA

  • -12V 150mA


CanCan Manual

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